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When time is more than a word, when perfection resumes in the honesty of a look, that’s when real tequila reaches your hands. From the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, we give life to the heart of the agave, which originates in a land of pure feeling.

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35 years ago the Garcia family acquired a land known as “Rancho La Joya” in the heart of the Mexican highlands. The red soil was rich in nutrients, vital to the growth and smooth taste of the world’s most flavorful agave plants. With hard work and dedication, the family turned their land into the most beautiful and productive agave farm in the State of Jalisco - with over 8 MILLION plants.

The family invested a small fortune in research & development to create the most advanced, unique and sanitary tequila distillery in the world.

The Garcia family has grown and harvested the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber variety across three generations. Their vast agave fields are considered the richest in the region, due to the care and effort placed on each plant. Rancho La Joya’s agave has been sold to many of the most popular tequila companies around the world for decades. After years of effort dedicated to creating the richest tasting premium tequila in the world, from the heart of their best plants, the Garcia’s are proud to launch the La Joya brand - designed to deliver the “Pure Feeling” of enjoying the best tasting tequila that Mexico has to offer.

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The Highlands Tequila
Tequila Rancho La Joya was born in the highlands of Jalisco, where the wind blows hard, the red earth reveals the passion and maturity of the years it feels in the experience of the work, that under the bluest sky the agave becomes part of our beloved Mexico.

Tradition and Heritance
The Garcia family dreamed of making sincere tequila; tequila that would give Mexico and the world the real flavor of rich blue agave. Today, the family's dream becomes reality as La Joya comes alive - delivered from our family to yours.

Pure Feeling
We built an emotion, a reason to give, a time for sharing. We created a tequila straight from the heart, a tequila born in Jalisco with universal soul that evokes a Pure Feeling. Make this feeling yours today - ask for La Joya Tequila by name at your favorite establishment.

100% natural golden reposado tequila, with a velvet texture on the palate and a gentle-cooked agave flavor that defines the woody caramel essence, leaving sweet notes on the lips that defines
"Sentimiento Puro".
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